A Special Offer and A Way You Can Help

The holidays are upon us and this is always a great time of celebration and enjoying family and friends.  If you have been keeping up with things here on my blog you know we launched Nobody Is Born Average t-shirts and hoodies and it has been an AMAZING response.  I’m thankful to everyone who has purchased and helped us get this message out –  that EVERYONE has a purpose.  In the next few weeks we will be launching a brand new YouTube channel with inspirational/motivational videos to help students, young adults and families recognize the reason they were created.  You will want to check this out so stay tuned and sign up for updates to be notified when the season launches.

I wanted to let you know about a special holiday promotion we will be running over the next few weeks.  If you order one of the Nobody Is Born Average pullover hoodies, you will receive my book “The HandBook: Five Forces To Form Your Future” for FREE!  Plus a portion of the proceeds will go to help Colton Morgan, the son of Jeff and Sandra Morgan who is undergoing proton radiation therapy for a tumor that was partially extracted in September of this year.  The costs are astronomical and we want to help in any way we can.  If you want to know more of Colton’s story visit his gofundme page by CLICKING HERE!  Every hoodie ordered in this special offer will see a portion of the proceeds going to help this need.  Thank you so much!

Check out this offer below and remember: NOBODY IS BORN AVERAGE!!



Just In Time For Christmas

Over the last several years the message of Nobody Is Born Average has been heard by close to a million students, young adults and parents. It is a message that is packed with a positive outlook on what it means to understand the purpose for why we were created.  Now you can purchase this daily reminder and wear it wherever you go. With Christmas just a few weeks away this would be an awesome gift for your kids/students/friends/co-workers – maybe even your pet chihuahua!

Order your favorite color with this positive message and go make a difference! Check out what is available below.  Click on the shirt you like to be taken to the page where you can order the shirt.

heather slate nibapink_navy nibaorange nibasteel bluepink_white nibanavy nibaorange_navy nibacardinal niba

royalraglan_niba             smokeraglan_niba

fleece nibared_nibadigblack_niba

NOW FOR A LIMITED TIME – ORDER THE NOBODY IS BORN AVERAGE FLEECE PULLOVER HOODIE!  This is a great article of clothing and would make an awesome gift for yourself or someone you believe in!  Check out all the color combos and ORDER TODAY


Life Is An Adventure Podcast

cover170x170Howdy everyone!  Things have been insanely busy for the Sargent family and I have not had the chance to post to my blog in a few weeks.  Hopefully things will get back to normal and I can get on to a regular schedule of blogging once again.  I have definitely missed it!

Just a couple weeks ago I was contacted by a friend of mine, Jonathan McClintock who recently started a brand new podcast he calls “Life Is An Adventure.”  He asked if I wouldn’t mind being interviewed for the podcast and of course I agreed.  I have had the privilege of listening to a few of his episodes and he puts out a quality podcast so I was excited to be a part of it.  Below is the link if you would like to listen to it.  Also check out his blog he calls The Survivor’s Blog – excellent stuff!

To listen to “Life Is An Adventure Podcast” CLICK HERE!



If It Doesn’t Challenge You…

Someone once told me – Life sure would be a lot easier if I didn’t have all these challenges to overcome!  Of course I think we would all agree with that statement but the truth of the matter is, if there are no challenges then there are no changes.


Challenge brings change – PERIOD!  There is no other way around it and though that often brings difficult and intense moments into our lives, it is necessary for growth.  I for one, do not want to be a person who refuses to grow and although I may not like the way growth comes into my life, it is extremely necessary!

In fact I have learned 3 things when it comes to facing a challenge:

  1. I can refuse to face it
  2. I can complain and gripe about it or….
  3. I can embrace it and welcome it knowing it is bringing about something good in my life.

The key is attitude!  If you know me, you know I am big on attitude.  Attitude determines direction and direction is more important than speed!  (TWEET THIS) It is all in your perception of the challenge that you are facing.  I have been privileged to speak to hundreds of thousands of young people in my short 46 years of life and I tell them each time I get the opportunity – I could let the challenge of having one hand stop me and keep me sidelined from life or I can embrace it and allow it to push me higher and make me stronger.

It all starts with the attitude you possess about the challenge you face.  See those challenges as opportunities instead of obstacles.  Embrace them like you would embrace an old friend.  Know that they are brought into your life to change you into what you were created to become.

That is all!  Have a good day….


34,000 Feet In The Air

It is interesting that I am sitting in an airplane 34,000 feet above the ocean on our way to the city of Manila, Philippines and am able to be on wifi to post to my blog.  We left early out of LAX this morning and will eventually get to our final destination. LONG FLIGHT! But as I peer out the window it is amazing the perspective I get being up this high of an altitude. Perspective is something often needed to readjust our direction in life. Sometimes we adhere to the old adage – We can’t see the forest for the trees!  Life has the tendency to keep us pretty locked into our present surroundings and we often can’t see the bigger picture.

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 8.08.16 PM

My wife and I, along with our dear friends Jeff & Brenda Mallory are making our way across the ocean to speak at a minister’s conference in the city of Manila.  We are expecting great things and ask for your prayers as we spend a few days with some precious ministers and their wives who pastor churches all over the Manila metro area.  This will be an intense few days and we need the strength and wisdom of God to bring a fresh word to our dear brothers and sisters overseas.

On my Facebook page I posted a video Jeff put together of the children of Smokey Mountain.  You can view this video by going to my Facebook page or clicking on the link below.  We will be spending some time ministering to the people/children of this massively populated area of Manila.  I pray that God will use us to make a difference in lives we come in contact with this week.  I want to say a great big thank you to The Point church for making this trip a possibility for my wife and I.  I believe we will be forever changed by this experience and wish each of you could be with us.  Your prayers and financial support have made this possible and only eternity will reveal the impact you have made by doing so.

Here is the video that tells a bit about one of the areas of ministry this week.

God bless!



God’s Got This

How many of you have ever faced situations that seemed to be filled with obstacles and challenges?  Ok, you can put your hands down now!  I think everyone of us that are reading this post have at some time come up against obstacles and difficulties that seemed absolutely impossible to overcome or work our way through.


The greatest temptation during times of struggle is to give in, throw in the towel and quit, but if truth be told, these moments provide the greatest opportunity to begin looking around for a miracle.  It is in the impossible that God often turns things around to the possible!

I read a book years ago titled, “God Works the Night Shift” and this morning in my time of devotion, I was reminded how we are not left alone to face our mountains and God continues to work when I can’t see it.  In moments we feel abandoned or up against insurmountable odds, God promises us that He will never leave us or forsake us no matter the size of the obstacle that may be in your path.  We are facing some personal challenges right now in our family and I can’t help but think – God’s got this!

I often think of Moses when facing challenges in my own personal life.  When Moses was preparing to go speak to Pharaoh I can’t help but think God continued to encourage him by reminding Moses – I got this!

But it is Pharaoh…. I got this!

But it is the entire nation of Egypt… I got this!

But it is Cancer… I got this!

But it is Failure… I got this!

But it is an incurable disease… I got this!

But I am struggling to overcome… I got this!

Every miracle Moses watched God perform was just a reminder – Moses, I got this!  Don’t worry – TRUST!

The reason Jesus went to the cross and conquered death, hell and the grave is to remind us – no matter what may come your way – trust ME – I GOT THIS!

Just a thought – Carry on and have a blessed day!