Time Waits For No Man

I sit in a coffee shop up in the mountains of SoCal near Big Bear Lake and I am in a contemplative mood.  It is early and as I stepped out into the pre-dawn cool mountain air I was reminded of the concept of time.  Time waits for no man.  I have been captivated of late by the concept of time and what we have been placed on this earth to fulfill with our lives. I think even Jesus was fascinated by time. He should be, he came up with the concept. Imagine being the Eternal God now walking among your creation within the confines of time and space. Yet while you would think that Jesus has all the time in the world, He instead has the greatest sense of urgency. His eternal perspective drives Him to seize the power of every moment.


God understands better than anyone that history has an expiration date. Everything that has a date of birth has a time of death. That doesn’t mean that everything ends. You and I are designed for eternal life. While your life on this earth was always meant to be temporary, you were created with the intent to live forever.  Eternity is endless, but time is measured by a “beginning” and an “end.” Yet as real as eternity is, so is time.  We are created in time, and our most important work is time- critical. There are things that must be done today, things that you and you alone were created to accomplish.

This concept of time leads me to the concept of moments and the importance of recognizing them for what they are.  This past week we dropped our son off at college and as we drove away (with tears streaming down my face) I was instantly taken back to key moments in his life.  Moments that will forever be etched on the walls of my memory, and I was reminded that time waits for no man and we need to take advantage of the time we have in our relationships with our families and friends.  I never want to take for granted the time that has been given to me, especially when it comes to my family and friendships.

God also gave us the gift of time to accomplish what we were put on this earth to accomplish. YOU were created to make a difference!  Although circumstances and situations may make you feel as if you have nothing at all to offer, the truth is – YOU DO!    You were not positioned on this earth to sit still and allow life to sap the breathe out of you.  Take advantage of the time that you have and rise up like King David of old and serve your generation.

Recently while speaking to a group of student pastors and youth workers, I said: “I would rather serve than sit!” (TWEET THIS) I want my life to count.  I want to take advantage of what I have been given and I want to serve my generation the best way that I can.  Let that be your motto as you view the time you have on this earth and go out and make a difference in the life of others with the gifts and talents you have been blessed to possess.

~ DS

Do you have any thoughts about time and what it means for you?  Share with us if you do by commenting below.


3 Resources For Back To School

It is hard to believe that we are rapidly closing out another summer and schools across the nation are going back into session.  Seems like yesterday they were just getting out.  My kids still have another week but it will be here before you know it.  It has been an eventful summer for the Sargent clan.  This past week we dropped our oldest off at college and that was not an easy thing at all.  We are excited for him but it sure is quiet around the house now!

I wanted to give you an opportunity to get some resources that I know will help you this upcoming school year.  One is FREE, one is my latest book and the other is a 5 week series I recently published for Student Pastors and youth workers to teach to their students at the beginning of this school year.  Check them out:

rot3dRule of Thumb: Why Accept Average?

I know life is busy.  We are all busy and sometimes in the busyness of life we lose sight of the things that truly matter.  I wanted to write this ebook as a challenge to go beyond the norm.  To be more than just status quo.  I think you will find in the short pages of my ebook “Rule of Thumb: Why Accept Average?”, a guide to living life on purpose.  It is by no means a thorough thesis on the meaning of life but I think it will provide some direction that may be needed in the journey this school year.  You can’t buy Rule of Thumb in a bookstore.  You can only get it by subscribing to my blog because it is FREE!!  Just enter name and email in the right hand corner of this page to subscribe and you can download it.


handbook3dThe HandBook: Five Forces To Form Your Future

With school starting back I have priced The HandBook ebook edition at only $2.99 and the paperback edition at $9.99, because I believe the five forces I discuss in the book can help every family and student that reads it.  Several have mentioned how much The HandBook has impacted them and you can read those reviews by clicking HERE.

Paperback Edition Ebook Edition


BE-APP-3Be APPtitudes

Every youth worker faces the challenge of trying to impart principles within the heart of your students, that will help them become successful young people in the midst of our challenging and shifting culture.  Although resources abound for student ministry leaders, they often do not deal with the heart of what your students are facing.  This is why I wrote the “Be APPtitudes: Five Life Applications Every Student Needs” and I am excited to announce the launch of  this brand new student series.

Be APPtitudes

Don’t Worry

BE-APP-3The Be APPtitudes series has been a HIT!!  Thanks to everyone who downloaded their very own copy of this life impacting series for students/young adults.  If you missed out on the special introductory price of the Be APPtitudes don’t worry!  You can still purchase this series and begin teaching your young people these 5 life “applications.”  It only went up $1000.00!!  JUST KIDDING.  You can get it for only $17.97.

Click on the button below and download the series that is packed with some extra goodies just for you.  Thanks again for the overwhelming response to this series.  I trust that it will be a blessing to your youth group.  Once you download the series make sure to sign up on the download page for the Let Me Give You A Hand Student Ministries Network.  I will be discussing this very soon and I think it is something you will be excited about.

~ DS

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Thanks For The Support

The response has been amazing to the release of the Be APPtitudes and I am so thankful for everyones support and comments about the impact it is already making.  Less than 22 hours remain (at the time I write this) to get your copy of the Be APPtitudes and begin making a difference in the lives of those you lead.

BE-APP-3 bottomltrs

I also wanted to remind you of the bonus items that are available in the download.  Here is everything that is included with this purchase along with the bonus items.

  • Be APPtitudes: Five Life Applications Every Student Needs
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  • Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Manifesto
  • Discovering the Will of God (4 lesson series)
  • PPT slides for Discovering the Will of God
  • Special article on 3 Common Traits of Youth Who Don’t Leave the Church (must read)

There are over 75 pages of material in this download so make sure to purchase before time runs out.  When you purchase you will be given the opportunity to sign up for my Student Ministries Network that will keep you informed of some great material and things coming down the road.  You will also receive a FREE copy of my ebook “Rule of Thumb: Why Accept Average?” just for signing up. Make sure to check it out!  Again I want to say thanks for the amazing response and make sure to click on the button below to get your copy of the Be APPtitudes.  TIME IS RUNNING OUT ON THIS SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE OF $14.97!!

~ DS

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A Difficult Day

Today is going to be a rough day.  Well let me be honest, the last few days haven’t been the easiest to go through.  The reason?  We will begin the journey today up north several hours, to take my son Carson to college.  Now you are going to need to give me a little bit of slack here, this is my first one to leave the nest so it has been somewhat emotional.


Moments like these cause you to reminisce, thinking back on life and all that has brought you as a family to this point.  As the memories flooded my mind three thoughts emerged that I would like to quickly share: