3 Things I Must Embrace

Living Life on Purpose

I find it truly amazing how quickly time goes by.  Recently on a vacation with my family, I was again reminded how quickly life moves on without regard to any of us.  Below is a snapshot I took of my three kids and a brief snippet from the post on Instagram:

As I reflect on this moment I am reminded of the importance of understanding who we are and the role we each must play in this journey called life.  I refuse to sit idly by and let life pass me by without investing my life in things that have eternal value.  But in order to fully embrace that idea we must have a full understanding of who we are and what we have been called to do.  Life cannot be lived accidentally!  It must be lived ON PURPOSE and in order to do that I believe there are three things we must embrace:

  1. Embrace Your Uniqueness – No one on this planet is YOU!  You have been divinely and uniquely crafted by your Creator to be YOU!  One of the areas of my life that I have had to constantly work on is understanding that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, that God created me to be ME and I have to accept that.  Many people struggle with this and refuse to understand the purpose of their life and uniqueness.  I recently launched a podcast (that I am way behind on by the way) that talks about a few things that can stop you from being who YOU were created to be.  If you want to listen to the episode you can click here (don’t worry, it is only about 9 min long): http://bit.ly/2n7o8Fc
  2. Embrace Your Destiny – I am a firm believer that each individual on this planet has a very distinct destiny, one that only you can fulfill.  The biggest trap that can stop you from fulfilling it is to think you do not have any purpose and your life has no meaning.  That is the biggest lie that has ever been believed.  Time and again the Word of God reminds us of our purpose and we must embrace that purpose, whatever it may be for you, and go after it with everything within us.
  3. Embrace Your Legacy – As I stated above, each of us must remember to invest our lives in those things that will outlive us, things that are eternal.  By doing this we are securing a legacy that will live on even when we are gone.  I want my friends and my family to see a legacy I left behind that will continue to impact others even if I am not around.  In order for that to happen I must continue to invest my time, talent and treasure in the eternal things.  The weight of this often is heavy but is worth it in the end.

I often have to sit down and look at the direction of my life and if need be make a course correction along the way.  BE INTENTIONAL ABOUT WHERE YOU ARE GOING!!  Direction is so vital in life and I want to make sure I am moving in the right direction in order to make the full impact that God has called me to make.  Take time to reflect where you are, where you are going and what you have been called to do with the one life you have been given.  Thousands may one day thank you for the investment you made!

~ Darin

I am a husband, dad, pastor, author and motivational speaker. Born with only one hand, I have spent my life trying to overcome and I am passionate about helping others fulfill their dreams by teaching them the importance of attitude and perspective. I recently released The HandBook: Five Forces To Form Your Future (Insignia Press).