A Parent’s Desire

Releasing your children to be what God called them to be!

It is hard to imagine she is graduating from high school.  Seems like yesterday she was running around the house, curly blonde hair going everywhere, singing at the top of her voice, American Girl doll in hand, but now a chapter in her life (and her parents) is closing and another one is beginning.  Today is my daughter Ashton’s Graduation Day and I am trying to wrap my mind around where the time has gone.

I believe in the heart of every parent there lies some trepidation surrounding these monumental moments that come along in the life of our children.  Have we put everything into them that we possibly could?  Are they ready to truly spread their wings and fly off into their future?  What about this, that, etc.?  Are they equipped to handle …..?

Although the questions may abound and the uncertainties cloud our minds, the fact remains: We raised them for this moment!  This is what parenting is all about – releasing our children to fulfill their God given destiny.  Nothing is more vital than this, nothing more heart-wrenching but necessary.

Ashton has more than surprised her mom and I, she has made us godly proud.  Her talents and abilities God has equipped her with never cease to amaze me.  Her hunger for God and her desire to be used in the Kingdom of God are attributes I am so thankful she possesses.  This is what God called her mother and I to do – prepare her for her future and release her to do what God is now calling her to do.  Do I like the fact that she has chosen to go to college a couple thousand miles away?  NO NO NO!!!  LOL! But I know that God has a divine plan for her life and as parents this is what we raised her to do.

Ashton, as your father, I can’t tell you enough how proud I am of you!  You truly are a blessing in so many ways.  Today is your day of celebration – GO AFTER IT!  I LOVE YOU!!



I am a husband, dad, pastor, author and motivational speaker. Born with only one hand, I have spent my life trying to overcome and I am passionate about helping others fulfill their dreams by teaching them the importance of attitude and perspective. I recently released The HandBook: Five Forces To Form Your Future (Insignia Press).