Amazon Reviews

The HandBook is getting some rave reviews.  Below are some of those reviews already posted on Amazon.  You can read more by clicking here.

As a husband, father, pastor, volunteer little league coach I’ve at times spread myself so thin that I accomplished nothing. I love how Darin’s book does two things it is written in a practical and easy read way that once you start you can’t put down and secondly hit me with where I was living right now reminding me that I make the choice to succeed or fail, to accomplish much or feel sorry for myself and just be average. Buy this book! – Greg

Great Book Very Inspirational, I would recommend this to everyone. This is a Must Read, Darin Sargent teaches you the keys to overcoming and living a successful life. – Pat

In the busy schedules that we have, fitting in time to read a book can be a challenge. Darins, “The Handbook” is an EASY read….. that could actually transform your life and how you live it in about 45 minutes or less. Darins ” My Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Manifesto” should be recited by all! There are no mistakes and we ALL have a purpose. Mo matter who, or what in this world trys to tell you different. To me the more broken down you are…the more you can be re-built. If you follow Darin’s Five Main Chapters and apply them to your life with Gods’s help, Nothing is Impossible! I live to the level of my Faith…….Thanks Darin, I am going to take that with me and use it! – Lesley

Darin’s life story is truly inspirational. His insight into how to live life based in the trials that he’s had to endure in his own life were enlightening. The Handbook is able to make you laugh at a funny account of one of Darin’s childhood memories on one page and then tear up at some of the more painful or difficult memories that he shares. Truly inspiring and an easy read! I would recommend this to anyone. – Michele

I greatly appreciated ever word that I read in this book by the author. I was able to relate many circumstances to my own life and how I could improve to be successful. This book will inspire you, make you laugh and cry as it has inspired me and taught me many lessons that I will personally use in my own life and my family. This book is for all ages young and old. Thank You for writing this wonderful book. “The HandBook” is definitely a must for everyone! – Adam

This book is amazing. It has really changed my life. The author has a way of making his words jump off the page and make you want to go out and make yourself a better person. There are five areas of life that this book covers. Each key area is covered in enough detail to help you get started in making better decisions in each of those areas. The author is a Christian preacher, and all his ideas come from Biblical backing, and that is something I personally can relate to. I believe if we lived our lives by the principles taught in the Bible society would not be where it is today. Even if you don’t have a Christian backing, you can still learn great priciples from the teachings of Jesus and his disciples. I would recommend this book to anyone. I don’t usually write reviews after I read a book, but this one is special. – Jake