An Interview with Joseph Iregbu

[stextbox id=”stb_style_451573″]I have had the privilege of being on the book launch team of Joseph Iregbu’s new book SELAH.  This has been an awesome journey and I wanted to do an interview with him about his life and his book that is being launched March 1.  You will want to get a copy of this.  It is a great devotional and if you purchase it within the first week, you will receive 7 free bonuses.  Earlier in the month I wrote a post about BUSYNESS where I talk about Joseph’s book and the impact it is making on my own life.  Check out the interview below and make sure to order your copy![/stextbox]


Darin: Who are you?  Where are you from?

Joseph: I’m Joseph Iregbu, a purpose guy with a bag of passion for God. I’m a family man and a big dreamer. I’m originally from Nigeria but currently live in Germany with my wife, Temi, and daughter, Isabel-Juda.

When I am not writing, speaking or coaching young leaders, I spend my day working for one of Europe’s top energy trading organizations.

Darin: You have an incredible story of the power of hope at work in a life.  Tell my readers a little bit about your life and what God has done for you.

Joseph: God has really been good and gracious to me.

I was born into a family of 14 children (six from my mum). My father was a successful businessman. It was a comfortable life. But all that changed when he died after a long battle with illness. I had just turned 13. I grew up in a part of Nigeria that traditionally ‘empowered’ relatives to take over our assets. And that was what happened to us.

I’ve reached some of the lowest points of life. I was homeless and destitute at 17 and lived in a slum for 3 years. I shared accommodation with rats and cockroaches. It was a life of survival. I would go to bed for several nights with no food. I slept on bare church floor for months without being noticed. I couldn’t afford what is today an equivalent of 0.01 USD for clean water to drink or shower. With no education support, I was certain to drop out of school…

So when I say God has been gracious to me, He indeed has.

You can read My Story of Hope to learn more of what God has done for me.

Darin: The challenges we face in life are the various tools God uses to teach us vitally important lessons.  What lessons have you learned from the challenges you have faced?

Joseph: You’re definitely right about life lessons through challenges. The lessons I’ve learned are numerous but one that always stands out for me is “NEVER GIVE UP”. I’ve lived and experienced hopelessness. But my character and resolve were fundamentally shaped in those challenging seasons.


Darin: SELAH is a unique approach and style to a devotional.  Why did you choose to write a devotional that only lasts 90 days?  Do you have plans to add to this or make another 90-day journey?

Joseph: Thanks for the compliment! I never started off to write a devotional. There was no SELAH; there only me sending daily text messages to 100+ individuals in the UK for 7 years. I was inspired by the testimonies of those who shared with me how the daily word encouraged and ministered to them personally.

It was then I realized God wanted me to do more with the fresh word He was giving me each day. There’s talk in my head to make it a series and there’s enough content to do that. But I just want to follow God’s leading, a step at a time.

Why 90 days? I’ve read many devotionals and I didn’t want my readers to get lost in details. A devotional on grace and hope should focus on that and make it pungent, concise and relevant. I want personal impact and transformation more than anything else.

Darin: When does SELAH release and how can my readers get their very own copy?

Joseph: SELAH is now available on Amazon as a Kindle eBook. And I’m giving away 7 magnificent bonuses until midnight of March 8 to everyone that emails me their receipt or order confirmation to These are special gifts and no one should miss them. You can find more information from the book site:


Thanks Joseph and thanks to each of you that read this interview and purchase a copy of this great book.  You will enjoy this devotional.

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