“Darin inspires people!” – CNN

If you spend any time at all with Darin, you will quickly discover that to be an understatement.  Darin was born with the unique gift of having only one hand and it has helped him see life from a different perspective than most.  What you will read in The HandBook will reveal this and help you with the challenges that life often brings our way.

Along with authoring The HandBook, Darin has also written a book called, Thank You Mr. Jenkins (Adsum Press).  It is the true heart-warming story of a teacher who decided to make a difference in the life of one child that was born differently.  It will inspire you to embrace your uniqueness and understand that it is a blessing and not a curse.  In 2012 he also released a brand new ebook called Rule of Thumb You can download it for free just by subscribing to this blog.

In 2008 Darin started a Motivational Business called “Let Me Give You A Hand” and he has spoken to thousands of young people across the nation.  His message of overcoming and embracing who we are, while facing the many challenges that come against us, has resonated with young people worldwide.  Being born the way he was allows him to relate to those struggling with their identity, and help them create an attitude of success in their life.  Darin is passionate about helping young people, children and adults overcome!

As you read through The HandBook, you will quickly discover that you were created to accomplish great things.  Darin helps each of us discover that we were born with a divine destiny.  The HandBook will help reveal what that destiny may be.