Be APPtitudes: 5 Life Applications Every Student Needs

The "Be APPtitudes" is more than just another series to take up time in your youth gathering.  These are 5 life "applications" that are sure to leave a lasting impact on your students. Download today!

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What Your Students Will Be Taught In This Series...

  • Identity


    One of the greatest challenges that everyone faces, is understanding who we are.  It is probably the biggest battle you will come against as a student/young adult.  In this lesson you will teach your students that our identity has to come from God and His Word if we are going to be successful in living for God.

  • Purity


    Purity is the personal decision to glorify God with your body, soul and spirit. So many times when we talk about purity, we put it in terms of do’s and don’ts.  God has a personal interest in your purity and in this lesson we will discover what that divine desire is for our lives as students.

    • Security


      We all want to feel like we are doing something with our lives.  The bible tells us that we are to make our calling and election sure!  In this lesson your students will discover that: “True security comes from understanding what you are called to do in life”


    • Proximity


      Salvation is not just a ticket to heaven!  God never called you and I to just sit on the chairs of the church or youth sanctuary and just go through the motions.  We are to let others in on what God has done for us. We are called to do something with what we have been given.

    • Productivity

      BE MORE

      We live in a society that thrives on more. People everywhere are after more money, more stuff and more power. Everybody just wants more! While the people who live in this world are clamoring for more stuff, there is a need for students to go after all God has for them.  In this lesson you will discover what it means to be a productive young person in the Kingdom of God.


    A Note From the Author...

    Every youth worker faces the challenge of trying to impart principles within the heart of your students, that will help them become successful young people in the midst of our challenging and shifting culture.  Although resources abound for student ministry leaders, they often do not deal with the heart of what your students are facing.

    This is why I wrote the “Be APPtitudes: Five Life Applications Every Student Needs” and I am excited to announce the launch of  this brand new student series.  The “Be APPtitudes” can be downloaded for only $19.97!

    The “Be APPtitudes” set out to establish 5 core “applications” that will help you make a difference in the life of your students. Having worked with youth for over 25 years, I have seen the need for students to rise up and fulfill the design and destiny God has called them to.  By focusing on IdentityPuritySecurityProximity and Productivity, the “Be APPtitudes” will challenge those you lead to become stronger in their walk with God and begin a journey of living an overcoming life.

    The “Be APPtitudes” is more than just another series.  These are 5 lessons that are sure to leave a lasting impact on your young people.  Order by clicking on the button in the right hand corner of this page.  Once you purchase, you will then be taken to a page where you can download The “Be APPtitudes” today and start making a difference in the life of your students.

    PS: As a bonus for ordering this series, I am including a great series (4 lessons) I produced not long ago on the Discovering The Will Of God!  I trust that it will be a blessing to your students.  There are also a few extra bonus items I have included that I think will be a blessing to you and your ministry.  Look below to find everything included in this download!  Thanks so much for ordering and I am excited to hear about how the “Be APPtitudes” are impacting your students/young adults.

    PSS:  I would love to stay connected to you as you continue to journey through Student Ministry.  On the download page for the “Be APPtitudes” you will be given an opportunity to subscribe and receive occasional emails where I talk youth ministry, life and leadership.  I promise not to sell your info to the government or The Elks Lodge or anything like that.  Just for signing up, you will receive  my free ebook called “RULE OF THUMB: Why Accept Average?”  I think it will be something you will really enjoy and be another resource for you in the work of student ministry.  It is a quick read but one that will inspire you to reach beyond average. Look for the quick sign up form on the download page you will be sent to once you purchase the “Be APPtitudes.”  

    Now go make a difference,

    Darin Sargent

    What's Included?

    • Be APPtitudes: Five Life Applications Every Student Needs (Teaching Manual)
    • Master JPG images for PPT, Keynote slides
    • Handouts of each lesson for students
    • Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Manifesto
    • Discovering the Will of God (4 lesson series)
    • PPT slides for Discovering the Will of God
    • Special article on 3 Common Traits of Youth Who Don’t Leave the Church (must read)
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