The World Changer Show with Matt McWilliams

I am super excited to be featured on The World Changer Show Podcast with my friend Matt McWilliams.  Matt is doing some amazing things and has an award winning podcast that hundreds of people listen to each week.  Matt interviewed me sometime back and today that interview is available on his podcast.

I have only recently met Matt and his outlook on life and the challenges life brings is pretty amazing.  We are in a mastermind group together and have instantly become pretty good friends in a short amount of time.  I am grateful for this opportunity and hope you enjoy the podcast.  CLICK HERE to be taken to Matt’s site where you can listen to this interview.  Thanks for listening and I would love to hear some feedback about what you think about the interview.  Make sure to comment below.



PS: Here are some links to check out this interview –

It’s also live on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.



What You See Is What You Get Part #2

As we discussed in our last post, perspective – how you see your life, future and destiny, is what shapes your life.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to read What You See Is What You Get Part #1 please do so.  For those of you who just want a quick refresher, let me list the first three points of what happens to someone who looks at life with eyes of fear instead of eyes of faith:

  • Conflicting Information Causes Pressure
  • Scarcity Becomes Your Mentality
  • You Get What You Speak

Ok, now that you are caught up let’s take this a bit further and discuss the final 3 things that happen to an individual who chooses to view life through the eyes of fear instead of faith.

  • Others Can Get Infected By Your Negativity – When you are negative and fearful you have the tendency to affect others that are around you.  I have often stated that fear is contagious and it can be passed around.  When they came back from spying out the land those ten spies spread a bad report about the land that they had just finished exploring.  It brought fear into the camp.
  • You Begin To See Yourself As Being Inadequate For The Challenges That Come Your Way – To me this is one of the saddest things that happen in a person’s life.  People who are gifted, talented, and have the ability to do great things are often barricaded by their own negative attitude and get stuck in the proverbial mud unable to move forward.  Verse 32 of this passage tells us that they began to say, “the land we explored devours those living in it!”  Really?  The land eats you up?  They go on to say – “ALL the people over there that we saw are of a great size!!”  Really?  Everybody’s a giant?  They exaggerated the conditions and as a result made it seem more ominous than it actually was.  When you choose to worry about something or see it through the lens of fear it becomes larger!  It is almost as if you are looking through a magnifying glass.  The Children of Israel continued, “we seemed like grasshoppers IN OUR OWN EYES!!!!  This is exactly what I am trying to get across – this is PERSPECTIVE!!  This is seeing your life through the eyes of fear.
  • Finally, You Make Yourself Miserable if you choose to look at life through the eyes of fear. Nothing is more disheartening than being around someone who is scared, negative, against it all and constantly thinking that nothing good is going to happen in their life.  The moment these spies gave their report the bible says the rest of the people began to weep and cry all night!  They also started grumbling and complaining against their leaders and their situation.  It is amazing when people operate in fear how quick they are to blame others for their condition.  When people are negative and look at life with fear they want to throw a pity party, go in the back yard and eat worms and basically point fingers at everybody else and blame them for how bad they have it!  Also, if you live life like this you start second guessing everything and everybody.  They wanted to go back to Egypt and die there instead of step into their promise.  THAT IS RIDICULOUS – but it happens when you choose this type of perspective.

I don’t necessarily want to end on a negative but I will save the antidote for a future post.  I think we all know what it is but how does it play out in our lives is a different story all together.  In our next post we will talk about what it means to live life by looking at it through the lens of faith.  Stay tuned – It is going to be worth it!




Overcoming A Setback Year Part 2

YOU WERE CREATED TO SUCCEED!  It is in your DNA, it is how you were born!  But if you would be honest for just a second, you do not always feel that way and by looking around, you can tell it sure doesn’t appear that way.

In our last post we discussed the importance of stepping into 2015 with a fresh vision on what the future holds.  We talked about not letting your past determine your present or sabotage your future.  I want to take it a step further today and remind you that;

Your failures of 2014 do not have to affect your faith stepping into 2015

What I mean by that is simply this – your failures are not final!  I know we often hear that and it goes in one ear and out the other, but think about it for just a moment.  Anytime you start to believe that God has something for your life or you start to believe you are going to change, the voices of failure start screaming at you telling you there is no way you are going to achieve anything while you try to move forward.

You were created to dream!  You were placed on this planet to make an impact and if you and I are not careful we will let the mistakes of this past year keep us from believing that God has great things for us in 2015.  I refuse to allow my failures to dictate my future.  I am going to believe that with God ALL things are POSSIBLE!

Allow me to remind you:  For those of you that have gone through a “setback” year and feel as if you have lost your footing somewhere along the way, I want to tell you about Overcomer’s University.  I created OU for people that need a little push in the right direction.  OU is a series of videos, podcasts and resources that will help you step into the possibilities of a new life, new year and new YOU!

I would love for you to check it out.  Right now I am opening enrollment at a discounted price over the next few weeks.  If you or someone you know needs a motivating, inspirational resource that will help them realize who they are and what they were created to be, then I really think OU can help.  You can purchase this for yourself or give it as a gift to someone on your Christmas list this year.  OU is for anyone needing to realize the potential that resides within, the potential to do great things!

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The Overcomer’s University Journey

There comes a time in life when you turn a corner and realize you were meant to live a life that is filled with potential and possibility.  Sometimes that realization doesn’t come easy and is often only born out of struggle and difficulty.  This is the core element of what Overcomer’s University truly is.  Having been born with the unique gift of having only one hand, I have learned what it means to overcome and that has only been developed through those things that I have come face to face with in my journey through this life.

When the idea for Overcomer’s University popped into my head, I began to wonder how I could actually articulate the principles, lessons and insights I have uncovered into small soundbites others could learn from.  After much discussion with my team, looking into different models that are currently online and spending time in prayer, I felt it best to put OU into a video podcast model that would be available to anyone who was needing a little encouragement, direction and insight through the challenges of life.

To be honest, I have been somewhat surprised at the interest.  Not that I didn’t feel I had some direction for others through what I have been through, I just thought people might be too busy to go on a journey like this.  I was mistaken!  What I have discovered is that there are people everywhere who are needing just a little bit of encouragement in their journey and OU is providing that on an impacting scale.

-If you are a student who is trying to discover your identity and are struggling trying to fit in, Overcomer’s University is for you!

-If you are a parent trying to deal with the pressures that daily come your way in raising your family, Overcomer’s University is for you!

-If you are wanting your marriage to go to the next level, Overcomer’s University is for you!

-If you are young adult who is dealing with trying to find direction or maybe where you fit in this world or trying to determine what you have to contribute – Overcomer’s University is for you!

I could go on and on about those that I believe Overcomer’s University is for but the truth is, only you know if it is something you need in your life.  I will eventually be posting comments and reviews from those that are currently enrolled in OU but for right now I just want you to check it out!  Click the button below – watch the video and take advantage of the opportunity.  If in 30 days you find that it is not something you need or want to be a part of, I will be happy to refund your money.  I believe in the message of this program so much and I think after a few minutes inside OU you will feel the same way.

Remember you were created to overcome!

See you inside Overcomer’s University,


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The Path of Resistance

I love blogging!  For me it is an avenue to express myself and at the same time work on my writing skills.  But to be honest, writing doesn’t always come easy to me.  Sure there are days I wake up with an idea for a post, a chapter in a new book I am writing, or a lesson I am preparing and I can knock it out in no time, but then there are days like today, where I find it very difficult to come up with anything at all to say.  And I don’t think this is something that is just exclusive to me – I think many “so called writers” struggle with this.

So what do you do when you don’t have any inspiration or do not know what to write?  How does one get past the “barrier” that seems to be between you and a finished product?  This doesn’t just apply to writing by the way.  It applies to many things in our lives and if we are not careful we can allow the “barrier, fear, resistance…” whatever you want to call it, keep us from doing what we know we are called to do. If you are struggling in this area, allow me to introduce you to a book that I have found extremely helpful.  It is titled; The War of Art by Steven Pressfield and it is a great encouraging and challenging book.  I highly recommend it.  In it Pressfield says:

Most of us live two lives.  The life we live, and the unlived life within us.  Between the two stands Resistance.

The challenge we often face is the resistance that tries to keep us from moving forward or producing what we know we are to be producing…