Everyone needs a hand every now and then.  Here you can find all my current product offering.  It doesn’t matter if you are a student, educator, student leader, church leader or corporate executive flying around in lear jet: we can give you a hand out!  To get more detailed information, click on the “Learn More” button at the end of each product description.  If you need assistance, you can email us

The HandBook: Five Forces To Form Your Future

handbook3dChallenges!!  From the moment we are born, life is all about facing and overcoming challenges.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that, if you’re breathing, you’re facing challenges.  I was born with only one hand and life has been nothing  of challenging for me (no pun intended).  In your life, I guarantee that there will be moments where you will find yourself up against many different types of struggles that will test who you are as a person as well as some of your core beliefs.   This is part of the human condition.   It’s called LIFE!

This is why I wrote The HandBook.  It is for anyone who is on the journey called life that finds themselves needing to get an understanding of who they are and what they have been created to do.  As you journey through The HandBook, I hope you are challenged to change some things about yourself and your life that may alter your future and your destiny.   It is my hope that as you read this book it will awaken something within you that will guide you forward to great success in life.

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TYMJPICThe interview with Mr. Jenkins, the inspiration behind the true story of the popular children’s book entitled Thank You Mr. Jenkins, is now available for download for only $2.99.  This inspirational video will show you how important the power of influence is in shaping the lives of others, especially children.  You will be impacted by what you see and hear in this video with the teacher who made a difference in my life.  

If you are an educator I would encourage you to download this interview and let it inspire to keep being the awesome teacher or leader that you already are.  Mr. Jenkins made such a huge impact in my life and I hope you will enjoy the story coming from his perspective in how he dealt with a child with differences.  I am sure it might also even bring a tear or two to your eyes if you are a big softie like I am!  Enjoy.  Click on the Learn More button to be taken to the page where you can purchase the interview to watch.  

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TheFamilyWorks_webEver wonder how to raise a family in the midst of the culture and society that we are facing?  These four downloadable audio files describe the blueprint God has laid out in His Word for building a successful family.

If you are a married couple with a newborn or you have been doing this “family” thing for awhile, “The Family Works” is sure to give you a hand in leading your family forward with success.  All of us can benefit from hearing what the Word of God says about our families.  We encourage you to download it today.

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Be APPtitudes

BE-APP-3Every youth worker faces the challenge of trying to impart principles within the heart of your students, that will help them become successful young people in the midst of our challenging and shifting culture.  Although resources abound for student ministry leaders, they often do not deal with the heart of what your students are facing.

This is why I wrote the “Be APPtitudes: Five Life Applications Every Student Needs” and I am excited to announce the launch of  this brand new student series.  The “Be APPtitudes” can be downloaded for only $9.97!