TYMJPICThe interview with Mr. Jenkins, the inspiration behind the true story of the popular children’s book entitled Thank You Mr. Jenkins, is now available for download for only $2.99.  This inspirational video will show you how important the power of influence is in shaping the lives of others, especially children.  You will be impacted by what you see and hear in this video with the teacher who made a difference in my life.



517n2sPMgZL._SL160_Every one is born with a destiny. In fact you were born with a divine destiny that is filled with promise and potential. The trouble is many people never realize this and as a result they never truly find success in living. In the pages of The HandBook you will be quickly introduced to 5 key forces that will fashion and form your future.

Darin has lived by these forces and has forged a destiny that is impacting people around the globe. He shares these with you in a humorous yet challenging way as he relates his struggles of living life single-handed and how he has overcome. If you want to change the world by becoming what you were placed on this earth to become this is a must read.

These are tools to put in YOUR hand that will help you become a better YOU! If you have ever faced a challenge and have wondered if the limitations of your birth, your past, your disabilities, your race or the hand you’ve been dealt would hold you back from your best possible life, then this book is for you! You have two choices in ordering The HandBook, ebook or paperback.