The HandBook is more than just another book.  It is a manual on living life to the fullest.

How It All Started….

A few years ago I was offered a contract through a publishing company to produce a book I was writing called, Let Me Give You A Hand.  During the process of getting it completed, I began to realize I had more than one book in me and I needed to focus on getting my story out to as many people as I possibly could.  So I parted ways with the publishing company and produced Thank You Mr. Jenkins, which told the story of my 4th grade teacher and the impact he made on my life.  It is a children’s book and has impacted countless lives across the nation.

I put Let Me Give You A Hand on the back burner and began really focusing on my blog.  I discovered that the story of Thank You Mr. Jenkins resonated with so many people in the field of education as well as those families that have been impacted by children born with disabilities.  The message of overcoming began to permeate through everything I did; my writing, my life and my speaking.

While weekly writing my blog I realized the importance of this message of overcoming as I began to receive emails and comments from others dealing with similar issues in their lives.  So I wrote my free eBook Rule of Thumb and the response has been amazing.  It is the prequel to The HandBook.  From there the book that you are now reading about evolved and I am expecting some great things to come from it.  I am very excited about the future of The HandBook and the lives it is going to impact.

How To Use This Book…

Look at The HandBook as a life journal, something you can keep with you.  The 5 key principles that are found within this book will greatly impact your life.  It is something that you can easily wrap your hand around!  Read it, study it, teach it, but most of all apply it and let God transform you.  I am praying for everyone who gets this book that God will speak to you clearly and propel you into the destiny he has planned for you.