The HandBook: Five Forces To Form Your Future

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handbook3dChallenges!!  From the moment we are born, life is all about facing and overcoming challenges.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that, if you’re breathing, you’re facing challenges.  I was born with only one hand and life has been nothing short of challenging for me (no pun intended).  In your life, I guarantee that there will be moments where you will find yourself up against many different types of struggles that will test who you are as a person as well as some of your core beliefs.   This is part of the human condition.   It’s called LIFE!

This is why I wrote The HandBook.  It is for anyone who is on the journey called life that finds themselves needing to get an understanding of who they are and what they have been created to do.  As you journey through The HandBook, I hope you are challenged to change some things about yourself and your life that may alter your future and your destiny.   It is my hope that as you read this book it will awaken something within you that will guide you forward to great success in life.

How you view your current circumstances says everything about the trajectory of your life.  I am proof of that.  Having only one hand has afforded me the privilege to look at life a little differently than the average individual.  It has caused me to develop a fierce focus and strive to overcome my limitations when I just as easily could have developed a victim mentality.

I have used my experiences to arrive at FIVE key principles that I’m sure will make a difference in your life, as they did in mine. We need people, people just like you and me, to rise up and make an impact on our generation and the generations to come.   The HandBook is available as a paperback and as and ebook!  Hurry and get your copy today!!

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  • “I had the privilege of working with Darin Sargent for over seven years, and during that extremely exhilarating period of our lives, my family and myself bore first hand witness to principles of The HandBook being lived out, every day in this very unique leader’s life. Darin is a once-in-a-generation person, who I was lucky - rather, blessed - enough to call my mentor, my friend, my boss, my leader, and most importantly whom I still call my pastor. He is the type of person you not only want to be around, but you want to be like. His rare outlook on life truly helped me through some very trying and tragic situations in my own personal life, and I have found myself consistently assimilating the principles of The HandBook over and over. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.” -David McGovern / Church Planter / Glendale, CA.
  • “Darin Sargent, mentor, friend, and inspiration…a man with passion to lend a hand to the next generation. I appreciate his pure love for people and down to earth approach to living life. His ability to present his story in such a humorous yet passionate way speaks life into every situation that people go through. This book provides yet another opportunity to have faith, hope, love and inspiration planted into the lives of all who read it.” -Nathaniel Rios / Youth Specialist and CEO of The Movement Consulting Group / Columbia, MS
  • “Life is too short to waste it! And in The HandBook, Darin makes a resounding call to live meaningfully. How? By sharing about 5 key principles of effective living that will transform lives, literally. It’s time to believe in who we are and step out and make a difference. Darin reminds us impossibility is nothing. Having overcome significant challenges that threatened his future, Darin continues to punch impossibility in the face with his life and words. Now he invites you to do the same. You will find The HandBook inspiring, witty and positively challenging.” -Joseph Iregbu, writer, speaker, coach and author of SELAH: A 90-Day Journey of Grace and Hope.
  • “Some of our nations greatest athletes, politicians, educators, and ordinary men and women have attempted to inspire others to “Rise Above”. These Individuals have defeated life’s circumstances and misfortunes and have refused to be destroyed. I found this same attitude and determination as I read The HandBook. Ingrained into the fabric and heartbeat of this book is real life, real problems and real people choosing to “Rise Above”. Although societies vacuum to pull down is stronger than ever, The HandBook gives us hope to rise above; a challenge many are not willing to take. As I read from The HandBook, Darin’s life stories and lessons challenged, inspired, and motivated me. He puts these five simple forces: Foundation, Faith, Focus, Finance, and Family, in an easy to understand format that will encourage you to not only look beyond yourself but inside of yourself. The HandBook, although only five chapters, reaches all aspects of our life; our foundation, our Family and all points in between. Darin has challenged us, the readers, to “Rise Above.” After reading The HandBook you will want to seize the day. As Darin says, “Life is to short to waste it!” What an inspiration to “Rise Above” and really start living.” -Pastor D. Greg Boone / New Life Center Church / Brownsville, TX
  • “Twenty-five years ago I gained a lifelong friend. We’ve been college roommates, groomsmen in each others weddings, traveled together and I hate to say this; he’s beaten me in golf. (Okay I said it!) Darin Sargent is a very special man. Not simply because of his effervescent personality…and he’s got that. It’s not his capable speaking ability…although he possesses that as well. You see, Darin, has an attitude. Not the kind of arrogant, self-serving disposition that wears on people but a “can do, never give up” attitude that has propelled him to excel as a pastor, friend, motivational speaker and family man. As stated so well in The HandBook: “The choices you make always determine your destiny!” Throughout his life, Darin has CHOSEN to love, share, persevere and trust. A big shout out to Mom and Dad Sargent for instilling and modeling these virtues. The chapters on Finances and Family are worth the whole book. May the principles described in The HandBook serve as a catalyst to a better “you”! Two Thumbs Up, Darin!” -Tim Gaddy / Pastor / Cabot, Arkansas
  • “Darin Sargent first crossed my path when he was a junior in High School. He was part of a very unique, creative, motivated group of overachievers. They had a lot of talent and energy. Halfway through the year Darin had set the bar for everyone else in the speech class. With each newly assigned speech they would wait anxiously to see what this “character” would come up with. At the end of a full year of Communications/Speech class we had convinced a good many of the students to participate in District, Regional, and State Speech tournaments. Darin wowed the competition with his Tall Tale of “Searching for Mr. Stub”. Life is so much easier when you have a sense of humor. People want to be apart of that fun and excitement. They want to be around someone who is always positive, fun loving and full of life. That IS Darin Sargent. I’m thrilled to know that he is still “sharing” his gift with others. Thumb up, Darin Sargent.” -Karen Rogerson / Darin’s High School Speech Teacher / Kimberly, ID.
  • “The words written here in The HandBook are not just words for young people but words that even adults need to live by but probably missed that class. We are losing the youth of the next generation in this country at an alarming rate and these words, if put in front of them and taught to them intently, will give our youth a fighting chance to be the best that they can be. Today we need role models like Darin who are not afraid to put into words what our culture is trying to drown out. Two Thumbs Up without a doubt!!! And yes, I am one of those buddies that he out drives and out scores on the golf course.” -Jason Mitchem / Pastor and Author
Purchase Print Edition $9.99
Purchase Ebook Edition $3.99

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rot3dLife is busy!  And in the busyness of life we often lose sight of the things that truly matter.  I wanted to write this ebook as a challenge to go beyond the norm.  To be more than just status quo.  I think you will find in the short pages of my ebook “Rule of Thumb: Why Accept Average?”, a guide to living life on purpose.  It is by no means a thorough thesis on the meaning of life but I think it will provide some direction that may be needed in the journey called life.  

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