The What & The Why



Challenges!!  From the moment we are born, life is all about facing and overcoming challenges.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that, if you’re breathing, you’re facing challenges.  I was born with only one hand and life has been nothing short of challenging for me (no pun intended).  In your life, I guarantee that there will be moments where you will find yourself up against many different types of struggles that will test who you are as a person as well as some of your core beliefs.   This is part of the human condition.   It’s called LIFE!


This is why I wrote The HandBook.  It is for anyone who is on the journey called life that finds themselves needing to get an understanding of who they are and what they have been created to do.  As you journey through The HandBook, I hope you are challenged to change some things about yourself and your life that may alter your future and your destiny.   It is my hope that as you read this book it will awaken something within you that will guide you forward to great success in life.

How you view your current circumstances says everything about the trajectory of your life.  I am proof of that.  Having only one hand has afforded me the privilege to look at life a little differently than the average individual.  It has caused me to develop a fierce focus and strive to overcome my limitations when I just as easily could have developed a victim mentality.


I have used my experiences to arrive at FIVE key principles that I’m sure will make a difference in your life, as they did in mine. We need people, people just like you and me, to rise up and make an impact on our generation and the generations to come.   These five principles, if seriously applied to your life, will do just that.

Today’s world is waiting on you!  Do not settle for average.  Do not settle for just being a person who goes through life without making some sort of difference in the world.  Be somebody!  Choose today to make a change in your life, so that you can make a difference in the lives of others.

I will be honest with you; life hasn’t been easy for me.  I have faced some tough challenges but I’ve kept on working at it.  I have faced a lot of difficult struggles while growing up, but I have learned that if I have the “want to” I can make it through whatever it is that I am facing, no matter the difficulty.


I believe in you – I may not know you or ever even have met you, but I believe in you and I believe you can make a mark on this world and on your generation.  Enjoy the pages of The HandBook and let the words of someone who has overcome a few things in life settle down deep.  Maybe God will help you, through the things He has taught me and it will put some wind beneath those wings of yours, so you can soar (insert Bette Midler song: “Wind Beneath My Wings” here).  Refuse to stay where you are; learn to fly high and straight to your dreams.  I pray this book will make a forever impact on your life.  Thanks for reading!


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